Our values guide us.

They are the foundation upon which we build One Fairfax for all.


Quality public education is the key to achieving the American Dream, the bedrock of our community’s quality of life, and the best incentive to attract workforce and employers. As your Supervisor, I will advocate for expanded opportunities for all in our diversifying community and demand greater accountability to improve our school systems’ standing and competitiveness. I will partner with our school board to ensure that our teachers receive fair compensation so we can attract and retain the best teachers. I will advocate for universal pre-K, launch a vocational skills training initiative, ensure our facilities are well-funded, and expand language access and mental health programs.


Transportation is the lifeblood of our economy and community vitality. Reducing congestion and increasing mobility and connectivity requires 21st century infrastructure to serve today’s Fairfax County. As Supervisor, I will work with our community members and stakeholders to design an equitable and transformative community-driven process to build transit-oriented communities. Fairfax County transportation networks — including public transit, improved roads, bike lanes, and walkable communities – demand our continued and urgent support to ensure the efficient movement of both people and commerce.


With the diversity of our residents’ educational backgrounds and career aspirations, Fairfax must attract and create more good jobs near home to meet those needs, and create a strong tax base to fund our schools, parks, and transportation networks. With our unrivaled human capital, Fairfax County is a global leader in innovation, entrepreneurship, and business vitality. We need smart policies and sensible regulations that promote economic growth, create the jobs of the future, and make it easier to start and grow businesses in Fairfax County. We need to focus on trade promotion, targeted tax credits, removal of barriers for small businesses, and partnership with industries that will invest in our workforce and lead to good paying jobs.


Environmental stewardship and job creation can work together to address the global climate change crisis. As Supervisor, I will advocate for measures to accelerate Fairfax’s investments in clean and renewable energy and in workforce development that helps grow green jobs of the future. Directly addressing climate change is also an opportunity for us to innovate and protect our climate with smart growth, clean energy, tree canopy, and anti-litter reforms. Protecting our environment for future generations is a vital responsibility that we all share.


As an immigrant, I know first-hand how America has been the land of freedom and opportunity. I will work hard to ensure that the American Dream includes us all, by building stronger bridges between our diverse communities and fortifying a resilient community for all Fairfax residents, regardless of nationality, race, class, religion, immigration status, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. All communities and individuals should be treated with fairness and dignity, and I will fight to advance policies that empower and expand opportunities for all.
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